Friday, October 17, 2014

A Physician Understands

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson 2014

It's a small article by a physician, but I had only read a few lines before tears sprung to my eyes. The 2010 New York Times article is entitled "Offering Care for the Caregiver," and it hit a chord with me.

Although you can find caregiver support groups online and books on caregiving, it remains a closet profession. In the United States alone there are millions of people who care for a loved one, usually without reimbursement of any kind. As the population ages, this group will grow.

We are an unreached people group. We work long hours, give up the large and small conveniences others take for granted. It's a hard life, lived mostly unseen and forgotten by society as a whole.

We do it for love. But it does feel good when someone remembers to ask how we are. If you're a caregiver today, I pray God's blessing on your hands, feet, and heart. May He give you strength for this day, and joy in the duties ahead of you.

You are remembered. Someone does care. God sees every tear, every sacrifice, every small kindness you do for others. What you do is important, life-giving work.

I just wanted you to know.

Below is the link to the Times article. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.

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