Thursday, August 6, 2015

15 Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress As A Caregiver: Part 2

6. Are you a music lover? (a Christian music website) offers free downloadable songs from their website (legal and 100% free). There's also online radio stations that offer a streaming of popular Christian tracks (all free): K-Love, Effect Radio (Christian Rock), Positive Life Radio, NRT Radio One - this is a selective list only, there's many more available online (especially, if you search for it on the web).

Looking for more? YouTube is the perfect way to discover new music. Type your criteria in the search field for what you want, and listen to your heart's content. There's music videos from artists themselves, lyric videos, instrumental music, and so much more!

7. Do you enjoy playing games? offers a variable string of games (for PC and mobile devices, alike). Prices for games vary between $6.99 and up (this depends on if you buy the standard edition or collector's edition). Be sure to check their website regularly - they offer great deals on titles. You can also join a monthly membership for $6.99 - this provides one game of your choice for each month plus special offers/discounts. includes a wide range of games for purchase - downloadable PC games, platform titles, and gaming apps. Don't want to spend the money? Big Fish Games allows a downloadable free trial play on most of their titles (you will need to download their game manager app to play). *Note* If you search "free games" online (Big Fish Games should be safe - I've used it), always be careful about downloading them - you could unknowingly add a malicious bug to your computer.

8. If you like to cook, Pinterest is your place. Unfamiliar with this site? Pinterest is an online community with "pins" from all sources imaginable (online or uploaded from users). You can find photos, videos, self-help articles, art, and etc. - this includes a number of recipes! Take the time to search for a meal that makes your mouth water, and save the recipe to your board (if you have one) or write it down on a piece of paper. Gather the needed ingredients, and cook yourself/family a delicious new serving of food. Want to save money? No problem. Pinterest also offers pins with meals on a tight budget.

9. Are you a sociable type, but can't leave the house? Blogs are a constructive avenue to connect with others like yourself. You can start your own blog with or (both free), and share your ideas, life, and adventures. Without creating your own blog, another way to connect is to search the internet for like-minded bloggers/writers. Narrow your search down with what interests you (motherhood, photography, books...), and spend some time within that community. You can do so much on a blog - enter a giveaway, read articles, and chat with people.

10. Take up a hobby or pursue one of your favorites pastimes. You can scrapbook, piece a puzzle together, take photographs, sketch, read a book - do what brings you joy! You'll find that these are some of the best ways to de-stress from any situation.

Next week: Part 3 of 15 Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress As A Caregiver


  1. These are wonderful, Grace. And since you're a caregiver, your experience is invaluable. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks, Mom! Just trying my best to encourage other caregivers. I enjoy being a part of this team for Prisms, and the best part is getting to work with you on it!(: