Wednesday, August 12, 2015

15 Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress As A Caregiver: Part 3

11. Need some serious quiet time? Pull out your Bible (or Bible Study), grab a favorite drink (tea or coffee), and find a comfortable chair. In case you like to write down your thoughts, be sure to include a notebook and pen for any spiritual revelations. Finding the time to read God's Word is not only relaxing for the body, but it's also refreshing to the soul. When you can combine both physical and spiritual rest, this is the key to a full and complete de-stress.

12. Take the time to catch up with old friends or close family members. Put aside a little free space from your schedule to talk on the phone with a loved one. Don't just call up anyone, call that one person that makes every day brighter - the one that listens - the one that makes you laugh - the one that understands you. Are you more of a writer? Find someone who would like to be your pen pal, and start writing some letters back an forth. It says in the Bible that "a cheerful heart is good medicine." What better way to de-stress than to laugh away the problems with a good and faithful friend/family member?

13. If you own a pet (whether it be a cat, dog, bird, etc.), buy it a new toy to play with. You can find pet toys anywhere - at a grocery store, pet store, online at You don't have to spend much on the gift - just get one that you and your pet will really enjoy. This is a fun and effective way to alleviate stress. Not to mention, your furry friend will love it too!

14. Do you feel better when tasks are completed? Don't be afraid to ask someone for a little help with your home. If there's a certain individual that you know would be happy to offer assistance (and has mentioned it to you before), go ahead and call them up. Set up a day and time that works best for the both of you. You and your friend can clean, laugh, and catch up on life. Be hospitable. Provide a delicious snack and tea/coffee for a well-deserved break.

15. Put on some of your favorite music (a playlist is best) and light up an airy-scented candle. Set the mood for peace and tranquility in a secluded space in your home. Following the music, do a line of easy aerobics and stretches (don't over do it!). Remember, take it slow with each solid movement. Doing this every day will not only make you feel happier, but your physical body should feel more at ease.

As a young Caregiver, I hope this 3-part series benefited everyone in some way. Through the process of brainstorming ideas for this article, I learned new stuff myself. Curious... do you have any tips for Caregiver stress? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions. *Thanks*

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