Monday, August 25, 2014

14 Quotes For Caregivers: Part 1

"Caregiving is not gray, unless we have allowed our hearts to let go of hope."

"No place is so dark, no shadow so deep, that God can't find us."

"Caregivers live in the daily shadows of death, countless duties, and shattered dreams. But they don't have to exist in the shadows of their faith."

"Forgiveness is a strange kind of walled garden - exceedingly ugly as we approach it, but breathtakingly beautiful once we've stepped inside."

"Not one to be impressed with or put off by outward appearances, God sees us as we truly are."

"Run in the direction you're driven."

"In the stillness of night, when the life of one man depends upon the sacrifice of another, nothing speaks louder than loyalty."

Next Week // 14 Quotes For Caregivers: Part 2.

Photos by Grace Thorson. Quotes by Pam Thorson (Out from the Shadows: 31 Devotions for the Weary Caregiver. Available on in both Paperback and Kindle format.) Ask for a signed copy here.

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