Wednesday, July 29, 2015

15 Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress As A Caregiver: Part 1

1. Soak your feet in a plastic tub (whichever you have that would work) of warm water (you could also put in a little Epsom Salt). After a few minutes, dry your feet with a towel. Use your favorite lotion and give your feet a gentle massage. Once you're done, take the time to paint your nails with a fun color. If this is something you enjoy doing on a regular basis, be sure to buy some new nail polish to use (this is an inexpensive way to relax and your feet will thank you as well).

2. Like to read? Stop by the library and pick up a book. Are you a slow reader like me? Consider buying a used book from - check the shipping prices on each item. Compare the overall price with the new book from Amazon itself (ask yourself, is it cheaper to buy it used or new?). Like to read e-books? You can scan's listing of Kindle book deals or free e-books to download. When you read, don't forget to grab a delicious drink (tea, coffee, lemonade, and etc.). Finally, pick out a comfy chair in a secluded nook and escape for a few chapters.

3. Ready for a movie night? Rent a title from (prices range from $1.99-5.99 - Standard Version). Without first watching it, a rental should last from 15 to 30 days. Once you begin watching the rental, it usually lasts 48 hours. Be sure to finish it! Another option is to pick up a movie from RedBox - these are usually found interspersed within a town/city. Prices range from $1.50 a day for standard edition to $2.00 for Blu-ray a day (sometimes you can find a great deal on these!). Of course, none of this would be complete without a couple of your favorite snacks - popcorn and candy bars.

4. This can be the same as above, but with a television series instead. I love buying episodes from - standard version is only $1.99 per episode for 59 minutes or less. I usually try to stay away from buying an episode that's only 21 minutes long - doesn't seem like much for $1.99. Be careful, though. Because of the price, you may be tempted to buy one episode right after the other. Savor them and make the experience last - buy an episode every so often of your favorite show. This is nice because you can re-watch the episodes over and over again.

5. Not willing to spend the money? That's okay. There's ways to watch in a legal and free manner. Visit and be random with your viewing experience. Spend your time watching funny cat videos, music videos, or even of a traveler in a different country (the possibilities are endless!). The videos on youtube are without limits, so type out a line in their little search box. And watch away! You can spend countless minutes without spending a single dime.

Next week: Part 2 of 15 Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress As A Caregiver

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