Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Review: Out from the Shadows

Out from the Shadows: 31 Devotions for the Weary Caregiver by Pam Thorson. 5 Stars

Out from the Shadows is a devotional with thirty-one inspirational segments. Each chapter includes a verse at the beginning, a short life lesson, a personalized prayer, and a section for private reflections. Written by author Pam Thorson, she offers Caregivers a peaceful reprise from their weary-laden days.

Released through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Out from the Shadows serves to bring devoted Caregivers out from the darkness and into the light of hope.

{My Thoughts}

I know that in writing this review, I will be a bit biased in favor of my Mom’s book. I would say that you’re probably right, but I wanted to give her one, anyways. Since I’m a book reviewer, I couldn’t possibly say no to adding my own thoughts to her two titles (her first book is Song in the Night). Putting that all aside, I wanted to pen an honest and detailed analysis of Out from the Shadows.

While Out from the Shadows is geared towards Caregivers, it is not exclusive to that niche. Anyone can pick up a copy of this title and find the same encouragement from within. What I liked most about this devotional, is the secluded area for my own personal reflections. There’s a set of five questions arranged at the end of every chapter with extra lines for written notes. Love it when a devo has this! I am inadvertently a notetaker, so I need lots and lots of space for my writing.

I like to list my favorite devotionals/chapters and book quotes into my book reviews. Here’s mine for Out from the Shadows - Chapter One: Jimmy’s Hunger. This chapter is dear to my heart because it’s a true tidbit from the childhood of my Grandpa – an amazing man of God. I don’t want to reveal why, exactly. You will need to read it and find out for yourself. Favorite book quote is, “My dad’s hunger for God inspired my own search for life’s meaning. His determination to break free has challenged me to wear my heavenly Father’s name with integrity and leave a legacy my family can be proud to claim.”

The book cover is perfect for the theme surrounding Out from the Shadows. I’m reviewing the paperback copy, so I can really see the transition from black to white on the image. It portrays a beautiful message to Caregivers that we can walk out from beneath our burdens and into a state of joy.

I am honored to be a part of my Mom’s authorship. Being her Office Assistant has been a blessing, and I wanted to honor her hard work with my acknowledgment in this book review.  Normally, I mention if I received a book in exchange for my honest review. In this case, I bought a copy of Out from the Shadows for my own use without the agreement of writing a book review. In other words, I did not receive a copy from the author or publishing house in exchange for a review – still honest, however! Hehe.

There is obviously no area on Amazon for any autographed copies of my Mom’s books. If you’d like a signed paperback edition of Out from the Shadows, please send me an e-mail here. Be sure to also read Pam Thorson’s first self-published book, Song in the Night: One Family’s Journey from Darkness to Dawn – a true life chronicle on our family’s response to a tragic accident.


  1. Okay. I'm sitting here in tears. Thanks, Grace, for such a beautiful review! You are such a person of integrity, I know you wouldn't have offered to write this if you didn't believe it. That means the world to me. P.S. You're the best office assistant ever!

    1. Of course, Mom, and it was my pleasure! Aww... thank you. That really means a lot to me. I tried posting it to Amazon, but it wouldn't let me. I tried, though. Hey, and you're the best boss! Hehe.